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BitTube iOS wallet app

Keep your TUBEs close. Carry them in your pocket. The BitTube wallet enables you to manage multiple wallet addresses on your iPhone and iPad. Send, receive or purchase TUBEs. Easily access frequently used addresses in a dedicated address book. Download the wallet now.

New video player

To ensure the best possible UX the platform has a brand new video player. The main improvements are in stability and performance. BitTube have developed the player from scratch to guarantee flawless playback. Some cool features will come soon like pop-out option that will make the video window sticky to the screen corner of your choice- just drag it across to find suitable spot so you can keep doing other stuff and keep watching.

Defaults on upload

On video upload the NSFW(notsafe for work) category is preselected by default. For safe content the box should be manually unchecked.

We assume your videos share a common category, that’s why when uploading a new video the system will remember the last used upload category from previous uploads. Thats one of these small things that make life easier.

Remove of social login

Login with social networks account is designed to save time from filling long forms. What you need to register on BitTube is just an email address and a password, that’s why we think social login option is obsolete. Email + Password can be lighter than a double click + a popup window. Relying on a third party for authentication is not perfect as well. Some people will like it some not.

The dev team had fixed minor issues and solved tickets as usual

At the moment a lot of videos are being uploaded and it takes a while. The server is overloaded and the upload can take up to 24 hours. After the upload, there is still a coding process. When this process is completed, the videos will be published. A notification will be send to you(checkfor new notifications at the bell icon on the top right corner).

Devs managed to optimize the transcoder and extend it, giving it more resources. This is to ensure all videos are easily viewable across different browsers and devices.

Stay tuned,

Your BitTube Team

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