BitTube — Almost all ages admitted.

We have done one more important step this week. Since BitTube launch in February our community have discussed a “hot” topic about the adult content being easily accessible on the platform.

As we have published in our update from 11th of May, we are in the process of delivering BitTube sub-platforms for the purpose of addressing specific content.

xxx.Bit.Tube is now online

BitTube is now safe for the younger audience. All adult content has moved to the sub-platform xxx.Bit.Tube

After accepting the terms and conditions to access adult content all sexually explicit videos should be uploaded via the sub-platform.

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New Upload Sub-category Filters:

At the moment of Media Upload, under the category “Adult” we have included four additional sub-categories. They are filtering all videos with age restriction 18+

  • Blood Content
  • Not Safe for Work (NSFW)
  • Violent Content
  • Others
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Notifications in the settings menu.

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Users will get notified when their upload has been completed and when another user has:

  • Liked their video.
  • Subscribed to their channel

New BitTube wallet

The new BitTube wallet features in the windows version a built-in miner and it takes only a few clicks to get started. Mining capability in Linux and Mac versions will come soon.

Read the full article about the new wallet on Medium.

Links to download:

BitTube Wallet

BitTube Miner

Note for the Mac users:

You need to allow BitTube wallet application to be opened. To do so, go to: System preferences → Security and Privacy → General → Allow apps downloaded from.

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Upcoming Fork on 2nd of July.

This fork is designed to set the path for the Airtime model. The new reward destitution model that will take place later on next month.


  • All miners should update before the fork.

One more official TV channel went live.


represents an exciting new era in entertainment for Iranian youth. They offer a unique blend of Persian, Arabic, and Western music to enjoy on our platform.

The dev team solved 60 tickets reported through the bug report by the community.

Have a nice weekend,
Your BitTube Team

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