BitTube weekly update 26th of November

It has been a whole week since we launched the BitTube browser extension for Chrome and our new website dedicated to Airtime- We’ve gotten some excellent reviews, and so far it looks like you guys love the way it all works and feels. If you run into any problems, though, contact us using our Live Support! :)

85% engagement!

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Since we launched the new website last week, we’ve gotten around 1100 organic visitors, and a stunning 931 of them have downloaded and registered an account. This gives us a lot of motivation to push things forward.

We know most of you are looking forward to AirTime to be activated in the extension. The best thing you can do now is spread the word. This week the referral link system got activated. Get 5 TUBEs every time someone registers through your link and verifies his/her account. This way you invest in yourself, not just because of referral rewards but because of network effect. The more people generate AirTime on your (linked) social media accounts, the more people support the BitTube ecosystem and so on.

The dedicated website for our monetization solutions is now available in three languages: English, German and Spanish. You can change the preferred language in the footer. We are planning to add eight more languages to the list.

AirTime extension development for more browsers

Today we submitted the extension to Opera browser. If you are a fan of this sleek Chromium descendant, stay tuned and leave us a review. Besides Chrome, the other major browsers — Firefox, Safari and Edge — will follow shortly in the upcoming weeks. Once we are done releasing the extension on these platforms, we can start focusing on enabling AirTime. Our goal is to protect our users from system abuse by bots and malicious actors as we prepare the extension for global Internet scale.

New AirTime model and staking solutions

Our fight against bots taking advantage of AirTime is a continuous battle. As mentioned in previous updates, we’ve been conceptualizing and developing an updated AirTime model that represents the human attention span more effectively. The solution will feature TUBE staking as proof of authenticity against bots and setting up daily AirTime limits based on a so-called “regression model”. This model will dial back the effective ‘billable’ AirTime after the first few hours of watch time per day. Normal users do not consume more than a few hours of AirTime per day, so this will provide a more even playing field for content creators and websites.

A separate article will soon explain this new model in more detail as well as our motivations behind it. In short, there will be staking options for users (visitors) and publishers. Each staking level will unlock more billable AirTime as follows.

Users will have the choice between Basic, Pro and Whale levels, representing at least 2, 6 and 12 hours of billable AirTime per day, respectively. Privacy-oriented users who wish to forego mobile verification can stake 2500, 25k and 250k TUBEs to unlock these AirTime levels. For everyone else, mobile verification unlocks Basic, KYC plus 2500 TUBEs unlocks Pro and KYC plus 25k TUBEs unlocks the Whale level:

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Secondly, publishers cannot rely on extension users alone for their revenue, especially websites. The majority of traffic will always be guest visitors who do not have the extension. To solve this conundrum, publishers can install an AirTime module that keeps track of their guests session times. The amount of billable AirTime generated by these guests will depend on the publisher’s stake and verification level. It starts at a ‘free trial’ with no barriers for a 10% billing factor, and goes all the way up to KYC plus 1 Million TUBEs unlocking the maximum AirTime potential for each guest. Since guests are abundant and each option represents a tangible increase in revenue, we think this is a sensible approach.

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Please note that specifics are all subject to change.

Android wallet

An update has been submitted to the app store and take effect in 48 hours. The mobile app to store your TUBE funds will be compatible with more devices. If you had issues before, go ahead and check if your device is supported. After importing your wallet addresses from the extension account or the video platform, you can manage and monitor your rewards, donations and transactions.

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Stay tuned for more.

Have a great week!

Your BitTube team

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