Weekly update 21st of September

We don’t believe in the community we rely on it.

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Hungarian translation

BitTube platform is community driven. From bug reports to feature suggestions we listen to you. This week our lovely supporters from Hungary translated the platform so their compatriots can enjoy it in their native language. If you are so passionate about BitTube like them you can help us by visiting our translate section at GitHub.

Delete unwanted comments

Another big topic was discussed on our discord channel related to the comments section underneath the videos. Because of spammers and appreciation for the right to be left alone we decided to enable comments deletion by the video owner. In the future we will explore ‘report as spam’ functionality, channel moderators and ways to view and restore deleted comments.

Activity notifications

The bell icon on the top right-hand bar will get you notified when and who liked your content. From this week you will be notified when a channel that you are subscriber to uploads a new video.

New player style

Following last week’s update we have reshaped our player. Now you can see the results on the front end. The Like, Share and Add to playlist buttons have been moved to to top right corner and the loader has a new hypnotizing icon.

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As always our talented team has beenfixing bugs and have been working on backend optimizations.

  • fixes for the online wallet transactions
  • fixes for volume bar on player

Stay tuned!
Your BitTube Team

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