BitTube weekly update 21st of November

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Time for another major update! We have great news about the extension and some cool new BitTube tweaks. We’ve decided that from now on, we will publish our official updates earlier in the week instead of on Fridays.

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To start things off, you can now follow all of our medium updates on , a crypto portfolio tracker app. Get it on Android and iOS .

Live Support Desk

Secondly, we’ve been focusing on improving our helpdesk workflow. For everyone’s convenience, we have added live support on . Browse the knowledge base or get in touch with us directly by clicking the Live Support button at the bottom right of the page. Now you can leave us a message or chat with one of our support staff in real-time!

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With that out of the way, now for the big news:

The BitTube AirTime extension beta is now public!

Get it . Don’t forget to leave a review!

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We would like to give big thanks to the beta testers that dug deep to share their feedback. This has helped us speed up the process of fixing bugs and making it available to the public. So without further ado, you can go and yourself and give it a try.

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Example link:

Don’t forget to share the extension using your referral link under the Options menu, so both you and those who sign up will receive 5 TUBEs as a reward. As of version, referral links should now be working correctly.

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If you’re new to the extension, welcome! Let us give you a quick rundown of why this is such great news. The extension monetizes your internet usage everywhere using the AirTime monetization system. It enables you to actively monetize and donate to websites, retailers, publishers and social accounts. The extension integrates a donation button on all popular platforms. See also

Extension features include:

  • Rewards your time spent on the Internet.
  • Donate to websites and social media accounts.
  • Link your social accounts and domain.
  • Integrated wallet to send and receive funds.
  • Buy TUBE coins with a Debit/Credit card or PayPal.
  • Integrated ad-blocker (uBlock Origin)
  • Secured by 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Earn TUBEs by sharing a personal referral link.
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AirTime will be activated soon.

AirTime is not active yet

To avoid any confusion, please note that AirTime in the extension is not yet activated. In order to secure the system against bots and malicious usage, an AI is currently training itself to map normal user behavior. Once the system has sufficient data, we are ready to activate AirTime.

But what is AirTime anyway, you say? Good question! In short, with AirTime monetization, the time you spend on web pages is directly monetized without ads. Visitors are not distracted by ads and publishers can focus on designing the best possible user experience without any interruptions that direct you away from their website or social page. Your time and attention are a limited resource. AirTime allows you to spend your undivided attention and monetizes both sides of the equation. It’s a mutually beneficial, ad-free, win-win solution. To learn everything about AirTime, start .

Getting started with the extension

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We’ve been working hard on our knowledge base for both the extension and the video platform, in order to get every new user up to speed. Learn how to and subsequently after you’ve installed the extension. The KB is a work in progress, if you’d like to point out improvements we’re open to your suggestions.

  • Note: if you currently have the BitTube Redirector extension installed, it is recommended to disable it to avoid conflicts.

Monetize your website with AirTime now!

If you run a successful website, we have great news. Now you can benefit from AirTime and generate income without needing intrusive ads (that most of your visitors would block anyway!). Take advantage of clean web design and be an early adopter of the future of Internet monetization.

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Our AirTime system rewards the most valuable asset of your visitors, namely their time and attention they spend on your pages. After linking your domain to your BitTube extension account, you will be claiming the rewards from all traffic (past and present) by your visitors running the extension.

What’s more, a permissioned, native AirTime module is in development that will allow your website to generate AirTime from the majority of your visitors who do not have the extension installed, enabling you to get rid of ads for good.

To link your domain to your BitTube account, follow three easy steps .

Finally, remember that the extension is still very much in beta. All of your bug reports, feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated!

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Android wallet app

Additionally, we are excited to announce that our Android wallet app is ready and we’ve submitted the first version to the Google Play store.

Get it . Again, don’t forget to leave a review!

The wallet app is based on Monerujo. Its focus is usability and security. Main features are creating unlimited wallet addresses to organize all of your transactions. The QR code functionality makes sending and receiving funds fast and secure due to the integrated payment ID in the transaction. This helps retailers offer easy purchasing without customers needing to add additional information.

BitTube video platform improvements

BitTube is a community based video platform. We are happy to receive all of your feedback, especially creative ideas in our suggestions channel. For those of you with tens or hundreds of videos in the upload queue, you can now add massive tags. Just write your tags down separated by commas, copy them to the tags field below the description and hit Enter.

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Timestamps in comments and descriptions are now a thing. Clicking on “4:20”, for example, will jump the video to that time. Creators can feature a playlist or break down the topics covered.

Further improvements include fixing the thumbnail aspect ratio on upload and other uploading backend optimizations.

Lastly, with the help from the community, our moderation team has been acting diligently on NSFW and bot reports (see moderator-log).

Looking forward

After the extension is officially out of beta, we will be able to refocus much more on the video platform. The short list includes specific AirTime improvements that will advocate organic usage, promoting original content (OC), various creator tools, UI improvements and much more.

Thank you for reading this far. Have a great week!

Your BitTube Team.

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