16th of August

In today’s update,we recap the last two changelogs and summarize some upcoming features that we’re working on.


Release Version: B0.1 Revision: 0.009(August9th 2019)

  • Implemented updates to address memory consumption in the areas of ”Home”, ”Recommended” and ”Explore” feeds. Those changes fixed stability issues when scrolling. Additionally, Explore is now indexed every hour to improve performance. The refresh time will be reduced to 15 minutes later.
  • Implemented new emoji control with features like recently used emojis, categorized picker, skin tones, search etc. In upcoming releases we will be implementing the text to emoji feature.
  • Implemented complete re-written version of PIP(Picture-in-Picture). This version includes features such as play-time memory, on-page post video switching without full player reload and smoother drag and drop routines.
  • Implemented ”first take” YouTube embedding video on post. This was an experimental introduction looking for usability impressions and community bug reports. YouTube’s embedded player features support for BitTubers PIP with play-time
  • Fixed theater-mode sizing issues, implemented a cleaner view to eliminate distractions from viewing the media in theater mode. Notice the exclusion of the voting/commenting area.
  • Implemented scrolling based loading in ”Shared by” (other heavy data areas in progress) in order to balance the load of heavy data.
  • Implemented search functionality on ”Share post to” option(users and groups) to ease the use of sharing for users with a large list of followers.
  • Resolved 27 reported issues.

Release Version: B0.1 Revision: 0.010(August14th 2019)

  • Improved URL detection for YouTube embedding to work with all types of URLs. Now allows short links (youtu.be) with time flags.
  • Began ground work on Popup playlist control (to include playlists inside the popup, featuring auto play).
  • Added Twitch media post embedding (experimental).
  • Improved moderation section performance by decoupling comments from initial data pull (new report sorting UI will be available next release)
  • Mobile: added playlist reproduction.
  • Optimized post share by section.
  • Resolved 43 reported issues.

Additionally, since today(August16th) a Groups quick panel is now included on the profile page, and the sidebar elements have been reordered to show Bio and Links at the very top.

Image for post
Image for post

Complements of the chef

The YouTube and Twitch embedding is currently experimental. AirTime is not yet linked with the embedded media. This means that only the BitTube poster is credited with AirTime right now. Of course, this will be updated later to count AirTime towards the embedded media as well. In that case, if you’re the owner of the embedded media and you have linked the related social accounts, you will be credited with AirTime equal to natively uploaded videos.

This is what we mean by BitTube being an ecosystem that can be complementary to other platforms: you are not limited to native uploads if embedding is more convenient for you. To make this process seamless, we’ve outlined some potential cross-publishing features for the browser extension, where posting/commenting on another platform will auto-generate a post on your BitTubers profile. That would guarantee more activity on the platform overall, and BitTubers would become a useful tool to follow someone’s social media activity in one place.

Upcoming features & milestones

We’ve published a thread about upcoming features and milestones on our subreddit:


Image for post
Image for post

It’s a work in progress. The list is meant to provide a quick overview of everything we’re working on. We will update it regularly to show current priorities and rough time frames. Feel free to ask any questions about any item. The reddit thread might be the best place to do so, in order to keep the information in one place. This effort is in response to some much needed criticisms about our lack of communication on this front. Hopefully this list helps to put things in perspective for our community.

As you can see, BitTube will become a powerhouse. That much we can guarantee.

Have a great weekend,

Your BitTube team

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