Upcoming products and premium features

We are pleased to present you our upcoming premium products. Content creators will have the options in their hand to monetize their production in the best possible way they choose. On the other hand, viewers will have different possibilities to contribute and evaluate the work of the producers. Our goal is to establish the new standard for what means a versatile video platform on the Internet.

Providing the ability for content creators to become sellers and generate real earnings by making a high-quality video. Sellers are able to set their own prices while retaining all revenue earned, and buyers are able to quickly access the content they want with the satisfaction of supporting the artists they love.

We plan to develop a suite of 5 new products that will allow producers to monetize their videos in different and complementary ways, and also to promote their content.

Bit.Tube will have a wide variety of monetization combinations. Pay per view, Subscribe or even collect donations or a combination of all of those.

The producer will keep 90% of his/her sales. Bit.Tube will be out of the box platform to get access to all content via all devices, including native mobile apps and smart TV.

What sets Bit.Tube apart from another video on demand service platforms is the all in one solution for:

  • Hosting unlimited videos
  • Video encryption for greater security, privacy mode and closed user groups
  • Offer content on Subscription and PPV (pay per view) model
  • Classification of Videos as stand-alone (Movies) or with Episodes (TV shows)
  • Geographic blocking of videos for greater distribution control and license limitations
  • Analytics to understand the viewership of your video content
  • Mobile, Tablet App (iOS & Android) and smart TV

Upcoming products

1. Pay per view is known as TVOD — Transactional Video on Demand.

The TVOD model means that you pay with IPBC for each piece of content you want to watch. Browsing the library is free, but users must pay for each show or series they want to watch. TVOD tends to have a higher revenue per view as the standard viewing model. This allows them to offer greater revenue to content creators.

2. Premium subscription- Video on Demand.

Users are charged in IPBC on a time basis subscription for user channels. This product is perfect for well known big publishers as they can control and manage their income. Revenues are going directly to the owner of the channel.

Also, we will offer category and theme channels in which the publishers can add their videos together with other publishers. This product is designed for small publishers to get the benefit of being promoted with other content. The revenues of this subscriptions will be distributed based on airtime to the individual publishers.

3. Pay with IPBC for an option that the viewer stays on your channel.

Publishers may want to retain their audience in their own channel to generate higher airtime. If this option is purchased Bit.Tube will optimize the delivery of related videos on suggesting and auto-playing content uploaded by this user.

4. Promote your content.

Users will be able to purchase with IPBC higher-ranking in the search, categories and related content. This premium feature will come up with an advanced viewership analytics for the user’s content. With this sponsored function publisher can extend the airtime because of the better ranking and increase there revenue.

5. Bit.Tube will offer music and videos from labels and studios.

This is the most high-level product of Bit.Tube which will come in Q4 2018 to Q1 2019. We plan to fund the acquisition of licensed popular videos or music and the production of Bit.Tube’s own unique content. It will be available as premium product paid with IPBC. The community will be involved in the process and the creation.

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Sub-platforms, a name change of the coin and ticker.

After intensive community discussions about naming and marketing, we decided to rename the IPBC coin to BITTUBE and the coin ticker to TUBE. With this, we will drive more product awareness between platform and coin. Also, we reduce the lack of marketing with explaining different names for the platform and the underlying ecosystem.

Together with this, we decided also driven by the community discussion the concept of sub-branding for theme platforms for different categories and user groups.

The first upcoming sub-platforms in the next weeks are:

xxx.bit.tube for all adult content, in here goes all content like porn or violence which is inappropriate for other users

kids.bit.tube for proved child content. This content will be checked by Bit.Tube before released to this channel. We will also have approved publishers who are licensed to self-approve content for kids for entertainment and education

edu.bit.tube for education and training videos or live broadcasts designed for schools, universities or private companies

tv.bit.tube specialised for TV stations.

premium.bit.tube delivering exclusively the premium content that can be found on the platform.

All content without the xxx.bit.tube will be also available on the main platform bit.tube. The sub-platforms are for special marketing and channeling.

More platforms will follow with the growth of Bit.Tube.

Best Regards,
Your Bit.Tube Team

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