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Update and changelog, October 25th

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Hi everyone!

A small update before we head into the weekend. We’ve just added translation support for English, German and Spanish to More languages will follow next week.

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You can find the translation source files on our GitHub:

For most languages, we will try to provide the base version. Community revisions can be done via pull request or by using the #translationfix topic.

Secondly, we’ve posted the changelog for October 24th and 31st (next release):

Release Version: B0.1 Revision: 0.019 (October 24th 2019)

  • Enhanced playlist sorting on add post to playlist dialog.
  • Reworked profile buttons in smaller sizes for better accessibility.
  • Changed recommended and Explore views to be set as list or grid view (in progress).
  • Adjusted page content pre-loaders to better conform to actual page data.
  • Resolved 37 reported issues.

Release Version: B0.1 Revision: 0.020 (October 31th 2019)

  • Implemented site-wide translation to support English, German, and Spanish languages: The translation files are open for community input in
  • Reworked gallery edit component to maintain images within the viewing port.
  • Implemented list view option for recommended and explore views, previously video view only.
  • Secured membership rule enforcement for various areas.
  • Began work on speeding-up image loading for posts (ongoing)
  • Refined search process to exclude banned content.
  • Continued general improvement of views in mobile devices.
  • Resolved 22 reported issues.

Next week we aim to finalize changes to the upcoming referral system, based on community feedback and internal review. Following that, we’ll have more time on our hands to focus on several features listed on reddit, such as the publication and groups features mentioned in our last update.

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend!

Your BitTube Team

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