The weekly update on BitTube — 8th of June. Protected content and first App.

As all the world is going crazy about privacy and safe internet environment this update brings you a new feature. Now you can fully protect your videos from being downloaded and distributed without your permission. Leaked content means lost of revenues, protect your hard work with BitTube.

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At the time of uploading the users will have the option to protect the video. The platform will encrypt the content before it is stored on the IPFS network. Protected videos can only be accessed via BitTube. No other IPFS explorer can see the video.

The new feature comes out as a series of BitTube’s plan to deliver premium products that will help the circulation of the TUBE coin. Additionally, we are on the process of developing a feature that will allow granting access for the protected videos to specific users. This will serve as a base for the launch of a more sophisticated videos on-demand network.

The protection will cost 5 TUBEs as a one-time payment for each video up to 5GB. Knowing that your precious content will be protected for lifetime, secured by hundreds of computers not relying on a single point of failure or a server hack, brings peace of mind. The more people become aware, the better.

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With BitTube you can. Don’t worry Bit Happy.

Android App. Alpha version.

Explore your favorite videos with the official BitTube app.

Get the BitTube features in your hand with the first Alpha version. Enjoy videos without Ads while getting rewarded for watching. Follow and support your favorite BitTuber by donation or subscribe to a premium channel. Upload and share your creative masterpiece and get always monetized. (It might take up to 24 hours for the App to be visible in app store)

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With BitTube for Android you can:

• Watch videos and live streams.
• Discover new videos and creators you’ll love.
• Upload videos right from your phone or tablet.
• Easily manage your video settings and profile.
• Search and explore trending content and categories.
• Explore newcomers.
• Comment and donate to video publishers.

iOS App is coming next week.

The BitTube App is named BitTube (alpha)
All other apps with the name BitTube like Access BitTube are not from us.

In three to four weeks we will add live-streaming out of the app.

This week the dev team added:

  • Simplified password, required characters were reduced.
  • Protected videos can be embedded
  • Subscribers list. See who is subscribed to your profile.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Closed more than 80 tickets.
  • Reducing delay on livestreams on P2P network.
  • In the web wallet the status of synchronisation is visible

We wish you a nice weekend,
Your BitTube Team.

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