The weekly update on BitTube — 25th of May

Time again for the regular Friday update. The team solved around 80 tickets which came from the community through the bug report. Additionally we finished some new features and improvements.

Cinema mode for videos and live stream

Enjoy the full width of your screen and change between standard view and cinema mode.

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TUBE miner (Beta) now available

Download the mining software from the page and click for mining. No settings to do, no complicated installations. The miner is for everybody to use. That is the beta version which will be improved week by week.

Multiwallet function (Beta) added

From now on you can use and manage more than one online wallet in your profile. The multiwallet lets you operate with different accounts and manage your channels individually.

Improved listing view

We cleaned the listing view and improved the playlist add. All pictures are now remaining in aspect ratio, and some shadows are gone. On mouseover, you get the add to playlist, and you see the number of stars.

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On mobile, the views are clean and fresh now and prepared to look nice and easy to use for the upcoming native apps next month.

More languages

Additionally to the great languages Chinese or Russian we got now Spanish and German from the community and added it to the system. You are welcome to add more languages.

Playlists on search results

We now show the playlist related to your search terms. So you can choose the profiles, the playlists and the matching results directly from the search results.

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Add to playlist improved

Add the playlist from your “my uploads” section in your profile.

Edit the primary video text on the profile

Your primary video text can now be edited directly in the profile view. Out of your upload list, you can change your primary window with just one mouse click.

Working on the next updates

Premium products are coming with the beginning of June. The encryption of content is in place. Currently, the dev team is working on the payment and reward system for it. Viewers will be able to buy gift cards in USD to add funds to their accounts.

Wallet rebranded from IPBC to BitTube

Download the latest wallet from GitHub:

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