The Weekly update on BitTube — 22nd of June.

Adjusted P2P code for livestreams.

What is “RTC Savings”?

If you navigate and click on the PoV count in the lower right corner of the video player some important data will show up about:

  • The Wallet of the user uploaded or streamed the video.
  • Airtime PoV (Proof of Verification) in seconds by the current viewer
  • Status: Working or Waiting for the network
  • RTC Savings: represented in %
  • RTC Peers: number of peers distributing the video
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Definition — What does Real-Time Communications (RTC) mean?

Real-time communications (RTC) is a term used to refer to any live telecommunications that occur without transmission delays.

RTC data and messages are not stored between transmission and reception. RTC is generally a peer-to-peer, rather than broadcasting or multicasting, transmission.

Source: Techopedia

So what RTC savings mean?

It represents what part of a video is distributed among the users. For example, 0% means all the data is coming through the BitTube server, 100% means that all the data comes from other user’s computers. This week our dev team managed to increase RTC savings from 20% to 80% making RTC nearly instant with minimal latency. It improves quality of service (QoS) and aids synchronization of multiple streams.

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BitTube is now able to handle more than 100k users concurrently and about some million users daily.

Featuring TV stations.

BitTube team is constantly getting in touch with TV stations offering free channel setup. Currently we have contracted with eight TV stations. We will keep our community informed when a new official channel is live.

Go and check the newcomers and let your friends know if you like the TV channels.

Gala TV

The Gala TV schedule features mainly music videos of famous Iranian Artists, and music related programs. They also produce in-house general entertainment and lifestyle shows. GALA is dominated by all genre of music in unrestricted languages such as Persian, English, Arabic, Kurdish, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Indian and many more. All the music videos are selected on the basis of current international charts, music tastes of audience and the most popular music trends in the world.

Schweiz5 TV

It’s a Swiss television featuring entertainment, esoteric and talk shows. On their channel you can watch programs with culture, sports, animals, cooking, everyday tips and life themes.


It’s a non-commercial, ads free community television station and community media center in Salzburg (Austria). The third non-commercial broadcaster with a 24 hour full program in Austria. Trough participation of the producers in the ownership structure of FS1, they can be considered as the first democratic television in Austria. The station claim “Dein Fernsehen” (meaning: Your TV) is an expression of this idea as well.

The release in July of the sub-platform tv.Bit.Tube will give you the option to filter only TV station channels.

BitTube fork testnet is now open.

On 21st of June our testnet prior to the CN heavy-custom hard fork has opened for testing and reporting issues.

You can use any valid mainnet wallet id in testnet also.

The fork is currently scheduled at blockchain height 110.000.






Small front-end changes.

Connection improvements, back-end stability increased performance for all users and better results on “Home”, “New” and “Trending” sections in the profile menu.

The dev team solved 100 tickets reported through the bug report by the community.

Delay iOS App

We have a delay on listing BitTube iOS app due to IPv6 compatibility. All apps submitted to the App Store must support IPv6-only networking.

The dev team has setup a testing network working on deploying the app as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, Bit Happy.

Your BitTube Team.

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