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The weekly update on BitTube — 1st June 2018 — Premium is coming

The first Premium product launched

Sell and buy views in USD or TUBE. BitTube publishers do have the possibility to offer their videos for rent or sell. Three rental periods are available — 24h, 48h, and 78h. Viewers can watch this content when logged in within this period. Additionally, users have the flexibility to purchase lifetime access to the video.

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The price for the content can be set in TUBE or USD.

First steps towards BitTube Airtime model

Mining while watching a video is now part of history with the upcoming update . Real web mining will not be in place anymore, we already implemented the airtime mode and it will start to track the airtime on testnet until the real fork. This way we can monitor the data and make sure that everything is fine before the fork happens.

This will lower the noise of the fan to a minimum and take off the “mining authorization”.

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With these steps we are getting into the airtime model, building it each week until it’s completely functional somewhere around mid July 2018.

More new features

Showing your subscriptions in the menu:
In the left menu now all your subscriptions are shown. This allows easier navigation through your favorite content.

Search now also on profile level:
A new search filter is available in the profile section. When selected only results for this profile will be shown.

Playlist in the search can now be added to your profile:
Last week we announced the playlists in the search result. From today you can add existing playlists easily with just one click to your profile.

Coming soon: Apps for Android and iOS

See the preview of the upcoming new Apps. The first version of the android app will be launched next weeks, the IOS app will follow one week later.

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Coming in July 2018: New BitTube wallet

More functions, easier to understand, the new BitTube wallet coming in July together with the announced fork.

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his week the dev team solved 85 Tickets given from community through the bug report system.

New version 1.1.7 of the BitTube miner available:

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