The weekly update on BitTube — 18th of May

Again a week full of work for the BitTube dev team. We got a lot of suggestions and tickets from our community. This Friday we are delivering the following features.

Category filters are back.

If you have seen the first version of BitTube know back then as you probably remember the category drop-down menu. Now the tool for defining specific topics comes empowered with more sophisticated code. You can search for content in one or multiple categories and get the results that match your search.

Profile video.

Shine with a short profile video to grab the attention of potential subscribers. Create a trailer and give an immediate impression what your channel about is. For the content creators, the new feature will provide a chance to demonstrate their editing skills. Choose it in the edit video section.

Language select.

We addressed it to the community and got the first language sets back. Thank you to the supporting members. Select Chinese or Polish, stay English or go to Klingon. It is your choice, ask community members you know for more languages and give feedback on translation issues.

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PopUp windows for video player and chat

You like to see the video in the foreground while doing something else or viewing on cinema mode while chatting. Both are now available, close the Popup opens the video and the chat back in the original window.

New AI in place.

The new AI-powered search features build into BitTube will improve the user experience. On this update, we started to develop a growing and self-learning search engine for the platform.

Based on the user interactions, the search strings of all users and airtime of the content or a factor like that a particular video was mostly viewed until the end our AI will deliver each day better results to the viewers.
The new AI shows individual results on the dashboard. It will give better individual search results, related videos and much more.

New video formats supported.

MKV and AVI are the new supported formats that can be uploaded.

Improvements have been made in security and preparation for the next steps like moving XXX content to the subpage and for premium products.

The team solved additional around 100 tickets which came from the community through the bug report.

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