The weekly update on BitTube — 15th of June.

Step By Step, Bit by Bit, Stone By Stone (Yeah)… if you are a fan of Whitney Houston, you know what I mean, but in our case, it means we are preparing for the cornerstone changes of the BitTube reward distribution system.

First steps on rewards allocation.

The first exertion will be splitting 1,5 % of the block reward for development and marketing each. This will give the dev team a playground to polish and test the new dispersion where further on v5 the full airtime based rewards will take place.

Together with the rebrand in April, BitTube went through a considerable backbone scaling preparation which still keeps the dev team busy. Now they have unfolded transaction optimizations to reduce the block size. In addition, the system will enforce RCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) where only the sender and receiver can see the actual transaction amount, which also helps reduce the block size further on.

New CN Heavy Custom Algorithm.

At the end of the month on block height 110 000 new CN heavy based PoW algorithm will take place. It has custom tweaks to thwart FPGAs, ASICs, and botnets. All mining software will be updated. The dev team is working on automatic update, but at the moment it should be done manually.

Dynamic transaction fees.

From block height 110 000 on fees will depend on the block size where miners get more total fees, and users get cheaper transaction fees as the network grows.

iOS App

Get the BitTube features in your hand with the first Alpha version for iPhone. Upload and share your creative masterpiece and get always monetized.

With BitTube for iOS you can:

• Watch videos.

• Discover new videos and creators you’ll love.

• Upload videos right from your iPhone or iPad.

• Manage your video settings and profile.

• Search and explore trending content and categories.

• Explore newcomers.

• Comment and donate to video publishers.

Download the app for free and become part of the community without Ads and always monetized!

Profile picture and background editor.

Image for post

To make your profile look good we have added an editor for the profile and background where you can scale and drag the image to fit the best possible way in the frame.

Sort user publications.

When visiting someones profile you can sort his publications by:

Image for post
  • Most recent
  • Most oldest
  • By popularity

Bug fixing.

This week was dedicated mostly for making overall backend improvements and stabilising the live streaming. There have been minor changes to the BitTube style like: making it flat and moved the login into the profile menu.

The dev team solved 160 number of tickets reported by the community.

We wish you a nice weekend,
Your BitTube Team.

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