The new BitTube wallet, like going from MS-DOS to Windows.

BitTube GUI Wallet.

The new BitTube wallet combines two software packages; the BitTube miner and the BitTube GUI wallet.

BitTube Wallet

BitTube Miner

The new BitTube wallet seamlessly integrates the BitTube miner breaking all borders for those of you who want to get into mining and the cryptocurrency world.

The leap from the old BitTube miner to the new version is like going from MS-DOS to Windows. Using your computer’s power you can earn TUBEs and generate additional income or use it to purchase premium content or access creators tools to increase airtime.

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The wallet is currently available in English, German and Spanish. With the help of the community worldwide, the number of languages will increase. Currently, we have 29 different language versions at our disposal, but not all of them are fully translated yet.

Let’s get started!

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The new version of the GUI wallet interacts with the BitTube blockchain and the mining pools. You can create as many wallet addresses as you wish and mine at the same time.

Additionally, when signing up to, an online wallet (‘My Wallet’) is automatically created for you. By choosing to import the private key over from your online wallet, you can easily manage all your BitTube funds using the GUI wallet.

Next, we will briefly cover the following features:

  • Sending and receiving TUBEs
  • Using the address book
  • Creating a view-only wallet
  • Managing your keys and seed phrase
  • Shortcuts
  • Advanced settings
  • Proving and checking transactions
  • Mining

Send and receive TUBEs:

Sending and receiving is straightforward: Copy and paste the address to whom you want to send TUBEs.

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  • When sending to an exchange, include the PaymentID. This is mandatory, or your coins will be lost.
  • The default fee (transaction cost) is appropriate for normal network activity. During times of high blockchain usage, it is recommended to increase the fee slightly, or the confirmation time of the transaction might take longer.

Create a list of contacts with the Address Book:

Add familiar wallet addresses (public keys) to your Address Book. This allows you to send TUBEs rapidly to family, friends, exchange addresses or your main wallet.

For improved ease-of-use, the address book includes options such as:

  • Copy address to clipboard
  • Send to this address
  • Remove from the list
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View-only wallet:

Whenever you want to show transactions and balances to another person, you can easily create a ‘view-only wallet’ file. In this way, you can be sure you do not expose your private keys while keeping track of the actual movements in your balance. For better security, keep your view-only file and private key on different locations.

To create a view-only wallet go to Advanced →Settings →‘Create view only wallet’.

Name your wallet and set a password (optional). After the view-only wallet has been created, you can open it by closing the current wallet, clicking the “Open wallet from file” option. and selecting the view-only wallet in the file location specified. By default, this location is User\Documents\BitTube\wallets\yourwalletname-view-only.

Seed & Keys:

This is the most confidential information about your wallet. Here you can find and copy your mnemonic seed and export all your keys.

Important notes:

  • Always backup your private keys and/or seed phrases securely and in multiple locations (both digital and offline).
  • Do not ever share this information with anyone, or you will risk someone stealing your funds.


Holding the CTRL key will show all the shortcuts for quick access to the menu categories.

Advanced Settings:

Scan the Receive QR Code with any QR scanner to get your QR code .png-file. Additionally, you can set the requested amount and the QR code will adjust automatically. This feature will be a basis for further developments of the payment system built into the App.

Prove Transactions and Check Transactions:

Generate a proof of your incoming/outgoing payment by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address and an optional message.

Verify that funds were paid to an address by supplying the transaction ID, the recipient address, the message used for signing and the signature.

For the case with Spend Proof, you do not need to specify the recipient address.


The new BitTube wallet features in the windows version a built-in miner and it takes only a few clicks to get started. Linux and Mac versions will come soon.

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The recommended settings will be suitable for most users, but you can choose to dedicate all or just a part of your computer’s CPU and GPU resources.

The miner will automatically detect your CPU core count. Use the drop-down menu to select how many you want to dedicate to mining. To add additional hashing power, include your GPU by ticking the corresponding boxes. Mining exclusively with your CPU or GPU is possible. External GPUs are supported as well.

Important notes:

  • The upcoming CN Saber Proof-of-Work algorithm will significantly favor GPU over CPU hashing power.
  • Loading the available cores and GPUs can take some time.
  • Once mining has started, it can be stopped ONLY by clicking on the ‘Stop mining’ button. Closing the wallet does not stop the process running in the background.
  • Mining with Nvidia CUDA-enabled GPUs is supported until the fork on the 2nd of July.

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