The new AirTime distribution structure.

Two consecutive forks will change the AirTime distribution structure.

The next fork will happen at block height 268000 on 7th of February at 13:14:36.00 UTC. There will be a second fork 720 blocks (1 day) later, as unfortunately we can’t do all of the upgrades with a single fork. The users will only need to update once to the new wallets that will be released before that date.

The new block reward distribution after the hard fork.

A hint to the upcoming BitTube social network staking options.

As we move into 2019, staking for AirTime and platform features will become a dominant theme for the ecosystem. Staking unlocks a web of new possibilities for both users, publishers and investors.One of the possibilities is stakers being able to lend their TUBEs to borrowers (users and publishers) who would like to unlock higher AirTime levels and features. In return, the borrowers will share a percentage of their AirTime revenue based on the amount. As the ‘ROI’ for lenders (mostly investors) will depend on the AirTime performance of their borrowers, all parties will be incentivized to maximize the exposure of the content that they support. How exactly users and creators will find lenders is yet to be determined, but of course it should be as easy as possible, or it would be too much hassle for newcomers.

  • Mining pools will need to update to avoid mining the old (worthless) chain
  • Miners themselves don’t necessarily need to update their software.
  • Regular users will need to update their offline wallet if they are using one, otherwise we will take care of updating the web wallets.



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