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The temporary page during the 45-minute downtime.

Today, we deployed some fundamental changes for scaling the platform. It required a short downtime period for maintenance. The upgrade provides some fundamental performance improvements. Now your likes, shares, donations, upvotes etc. are processed more efficiently and loading times have decreased across feeds.

Your profile and posts are now easily discoverable on search pages with basic SEO and social sharing functionalities, such as preview cards.

We’ve upgraded our live streaming service infrastructure that secures and distribute your broadcasts with greater coverage. Some streamers may notice they can now use higher upstream bitrates without dropped frames.

We have also started the initial implementation of a new, more stable gallery component. It is currently available on ‘post’ view, everywhere else in the next update.

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Check out for a complete list of changes.

BitTubers is brand new and it’s exciting to see it grow. Members from the community are developing a dedicated statistics website “BitTubeStats”:

Have a look for yourself!

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Upcoming releases for mobile

The mobile UI is nearing completion. will get a user-friendly responsive mobile interface in upcoming updates. For now, we will stay browser-based and not commit resources to develop standalone apps for mobile devices.

Next week we plan to submit the mobile BitTube Browser for Android to the Google Play store. This is a big step because the browser will make AirTime available on mobile! Mac version is on the way, as well.

Feel free to send us your feedback on Telegram and Discord or directly post a #bugreport or #suggestion on

Have a great weekend!

Your BitTube Team

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