Get ready for the Extension v2.0

We officially have our own banking and crypto exchange licences!

You heard that right. Finally, BitTube has obtained its licences for financial services (i.e. Banking and Crypto Exchange). A lot of people have been wondering about the status of the BitTube debit card which we announced last year. We can now go ahead and make it available to everyone in the near future. Though more importantly, we can now officially offer the exchange of TUBE into any crypto and any local currency! That’s correct — you can now convert/transfer your TUBE holdings directly to your own bank account using the extension.

What’s new

We have made the BitTube browser extension bigger, faster and more secure. The new release will completely change what you’ve gotten used to so far. Setup and navigation has been streamlined and we’ve added a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that, when enabled, will be subsidized by your daily AirTime rewards, essentially free of charge. In case you are new to VPNs, they can add security by hiding your real IP address, and allow you to access content in other countries that would otherwise be region restricted.

The new User Interface

  • A bigger chart and market information on the user’s dashboard will give stats for AirTime rewards and value.
  • We have moved the side menu items to to directly accessible icons at the bottom.
  • Some items have been moved, such as History under Account and Wallets now have a dedicated space in the header for faster access.
  • The extension’s icon in the browser bar will turn red when disabled, a helpful feature for the users who need to temporarily switch off the ad-blocker.

Update for Firefox is now available

After more than a month of back and forth submissions with the Mozilla review team, we believe we’ve got everything sufficiently polished. We expect the new release to be officially available in the add-on store in a few days. Meanwhile, the extension can be installed/updated manually from our installation page. You will need to remove the old version first.

Going forward and upward

We want to show the world what is possible with AirTime monetization and how it can foster new means of interactions online. With help from the community block reward, we are supporting developers and publishers with integrating AirTime into their websites and apps. We are happy to say we’ve got a few in the pipeline already.

Stay up-to-date!

From now on, you can follow our latest updates directly from the Notify menu.



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