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Welcome to another update!

Today, we’ll talk about some structural changes about how and when we will deploy updates from now on. We will also go over the most recent changelog and the upcoming referral system that’s close to release.

Streamlining the beta process

We’ve decided to take down the “Beta” badge from the main site. From now on, we will be deploying new features to first for public bug testing, to avoid any major bugs creeping into the main website. Each addition to the beta site will go through at least one week of testing. After sufficient bug fixing, we aim to deploy the properly beta-tested features to every 1–2 weeks. We invite everyone to visit occasionally and post a #bugreport if necessary. It’s your chance to test new features early and to give us feedback on possible improvements.

Changelog (beta)

Release Version: B0.1 Revision: 0.018 (October 10th 2019) — Latest

What’s next

Last month we introduced the “Video view” UI mode next to the existing “Social view”. We are still tweaking these modes and trying to find the appropriate balance between user preference, customization and the general user experience from new members. Based on user feedback, we are considering giving you the option to set a default view mode per individual feed and profile.

Additionally, we’d like to change how text-only posts are displayed by default (in a compact ‘list’ view) to improve legibility and optimize the use of screen real estate. Besides that, next on our list is publication statuses (Private, Unlisted, etc) and adding some initial premium/patronage features to Groups, to allow creators to publish their content behind a paywall. Since we will be adding Discord-like chat functionality to Groups in the future, we think using Groups for this use case is the right approach, as it will enable donation-based private communities where people can post and interact.

Real Life referral system

We are still working on our “Real Life Referral System”. It will enable users to earn rewards by spreading the word about BitTubers using poster templates containing a unique QR code. You will be able to earn TUBEs and tons of XP from successful signups, and the referred users will get a 500 XP starting bonus. Most importantly, you will receive a lifetime 10% overall AirTime share from every signup!

Like many of you, we’re very excited about this referral system. We are still tweaking the user experience and exact rewards and we’ll do a standalone announcement once it’s fully tested and ready for release.

Wrapping up

That’s the update for this week. The above changelog as well as other minor adjustments will be available for community testing on until October 17th. If you’re curious about our roadmap for the long term, check out our subreddit r/BitTube:

Have a great weekend!

Your BitTube Team

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