BitTubeVid 0.2.6 has been released

We have released an update to BitTubeVid. It includes the ability to create your own Premium Storage plans announced recently.

Get the update here:

BitTubeVid is the underlying codebase for It’s an open-source repository based on the federated PeerTube project. By hosting your own instance, you can set your own rules and guidelines (or lack thereof). The natural benefits of decentralization in this way is self-evident. Of course, it follows that you bear responsibility for hosting your instance’s video content. This update allows you to define Premium Storage plans to try to offset cost, where users can pay a fee for additional storage. Payments for Premium plans require you to have the AirTime Module plugin for PeerTube installed and upgraded.

To install or upgrade your instance, please follow this guide:

Before you proceed, please read the important notes included in the update.

Interested in playing around with your own instance, need assistance, or want to help us develop in the future? Join us on discord!

Lastly, we have just started development of This will be our social-focused federated platform based on Mastodon. It will share the back end with, meaning you can use one account to publish simultaneously on both platforms. We will share more updates in the coming months.

Enjoy your week!

The BitTube Team




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Monetize your online content with BitTube AirTime ad free. Social platforms & Learn more on

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