BitTube weekly update - 6th of July

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Wallet update to support the latest fork.

The latest version has improved performance, and we have fixed issues with transactions to Bittrex exchange, so users can now successfully send TUBEs to Bittrex from the web wallet.

With the Windows version you can start mining TUBEs within the wallet.
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Multiple channel support.

The multiple channel feature in this release is limited to one channel per profile in the primary domain and sub-platforms. Multiple channels per domain will come in a future release.

We believe there are plenty of reasons to have more than one BitTube channel. People nowadays are becoming more and more versatile talking about different topics and attracting various audiences. You may want to separate your personal account or one for each website you manage. Multiple channels are essential to keep your subscribers engaged and deliver the content they want with a single account. In this way, you can keep track and get notifications without the need to switch users. Additionally, coming up in the future releases you will be able to create premium channels and get multiple revenue streams.

Video previews.

Video previews let viewers see a recap of your video before watching. This will allow users to find easily the content they want to watch, improving overall UX. When a viewer hovers over a video’s thumbnail, they will see a 3-second preview. Previews are available on the Home page, dashboard search results, Trending page, Subscriptions tab, and Related tab. Video previews aren’t available on mobile devices. Previews on already existing content are enabled for videos uploaded not more than 30 days ago. All future videos will have a preview.

UX and UI improvements.

iOS/Android App Store compliance.
Apple and Google app stores are serious about their developer program policies, and we are serious about staying compliant at all times. We have enabled application non-safe admin feature to immediately shield questionable videos from showing on the mobile application. This should prevent our app from being forcibly unpublished in the future.

  • Re-styling of notifications and infinite scrollbar in notifications.
  • Added wallet database driven maintenance .
  • Auto channel creation on login to sub-domain xxx or regular (if xxx user) with default image and avatar and full separation boundaries between domains.
  • Backend performance improvements.

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