BitTube weekly update 3rd of December

This week we will talk about our plans for the coming year, some upcoming updates to the extension and the mobile wallet apps. We hope to give you some insight into how we plan to reach mass adoption and which obstacles we are solving.

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Synchronization matters

Right now, we observe crypto technology being developed to cover many fields of our daily life trying to solve a problem or making it more convenient. But when it comes to the application of such technology we, the crypto startups, are far from popular. For new technology to become people’s habit, it has to seamlessly integrate in a familiar manner. That’s why our focus is on user-friendliness and synchronization.

The BitTube AirTime model blends your internet activity and social presence at a single focal point. Here is where blockchain incentivizes user interaction and attention. The best part of BitTube is that it is everywhere you go on the internet. With the growing number of 1k+ extension users with currently over 350 daily installs, everone is helping to shape the central nervous system that will combine internet monetization all under one wallet.

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Furthermore, the TUBE utility token (technically it’s a coin) can be used as a carrier when sending or receiving fiat. With our upcoming Debit card and fiat gateway transferring USD or Euro can be done via our apps. The current TUBE exchange rate is calculated live via Bittrex and Coinmarketcap APIs. One of the cool features coming in 2019 is a personal “pay-me” link, to invite others to send you money for any reason, no need for long and cumbersome wallet addresses.

With BitTube, your account and your wallets are one. The upcoming mobile wallet update will change how dealing with private keys and addresses is done. In the current version, if you want to manage multiple wallet addresses, you need to restore them with your private keys. We find this disturbing for most users. The new version of the app requires only a username and a password, so you don’t deal with any complicated information. Creating a new account could be done via the extension or the wallet application and in case you lost your private keys somehow, no need to worry, BitTube got you covered. For you privacy-minded folks, you can skip the signup process and manage the wallet in traditional crypto style.

In-app shops catalog

In 2019 we plan to allow physical shops to list their items inside the BitTube wallet app and accept TUBEs as a payment. This will make it easier for TUBE holders to locate stores where TUBEs are accepted, enabling retailers to attract more customers and save on transaction fees. The average credit card processing cost for a retail business is roughly 1.95% — 2% for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions. There are more costs like fixed transaction fee of 0.08–0.10 cents per transaction and monthly fees for maintenance. With BitTube costs per transaction are just a tiny fraction of the ones mentioned above and the fee for cashing to fiat will be around 1.8 %.

Extension update to version

We continue to polish the extension with your help. People take for granted most of the software products that are being used on a daily basis without realizing what it takes to make such technology work flawlessly for millions of users. We are extremely happy to receive user reports for issues. We handle them manually, and they are helping us make BitTube better every day. All users buying TUBEs via PayPal helped clean bugs. One of the next steps will be to open buying with Credit/Debit card and other cryptos, followed by the expanding acceptance of TUBE payments and donation.

Spreading the word in more languages

We added Russian and French versions to the home of our apps- The knowledge base website where you can get more information is being translated into more languages currently with the help of an automatic translation, but we are working on a human interpretation. If you find something that reads incorrectly, don’t hesitate to send us a screenshot, and we will correct it. This is a continuous community effort.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week and stay tuned for more!

Your BitTube team

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