BitTube weekly update 3rd of August.

Here comes August. While most of the people are looking forward to vacations, we at BitTube are sweating to deliver great news about the platform developments. Brace yourself!

New Coin Page design.

We hope the Coin page will give you a quick overview of what BitTube is and how it works. You can also find descriptions of upcoming features and of course our explainer video. Visit the page here.

BitTube Pro membership.

Designed to boost video makers experience and offer tool sets for more exposure. The best choice for those who want to establish a worthy presence on the platform. Only Pro members will have the ability to publish video-on-demand productions. They can upload higher definition videos in 4K and 8K. Pro broadcasting channels will have multi-bitrate live streaming by default, as well as stream recording (rewind up to 3 hours). Features like channel stay and content protections are included in the subscription increasing security and overall Airtime.

Upcoming Debit card.

For many crypto enthusiasts adoption has been a long-time grumble. For the masses it will come without notice. Our legal department is arranging the foundations to implement a payment gateway within the platform allowing direct purchase of TUBE and BitTube premium products. The system will function seamlessly. A third party company will assist the issuing of a debit card associated with the user’s online wallet which will allow the spending of TUBEs integrated worldwide wherever a POS system is available, or an ATM for fiat withdrawals.

BitTube will focus primarily on the EU market gradually expanding to cover more “complicated” areas. Early bird sign-ups for the card will be open at the end of August, and first deliveries are expected late November. Minimum age of 18 and a KYC verification process will be compulsory. Ownership of the card will require the staking of 5000 TUBEs in the web wallet which will be locked while the card is active.

BitTube Debit card owners will have benefits of a free Pro membership subscription and other premium features which we will be announced separately.

Implemented the first stage of Airtime in front/ back ends.

The Airtime explorer page starts to take shape. We focus on transparency and fair reward distribution. The statistics page will offer information about the model and current transactions. Here maybe everyone can guess the keyword of this system: it is trustless.

Stats page for the Airtime.

The dev team solved and optimized the following issues:


Improved loading and playback of primary videos.

Quality settings switch more responsively and now work correctly.

Comments updates now do not require a page refresh.

Search optimizations.

Improved battery life by removal of the viewer miner (low-power PoW).

Optimized serving of media fragments.


Video aspect ratio.

Subscriber view.

Video import thumbnail aspect ratio maintained.

Youtube videos cab open in a new tab.

Video views.

User’s social media profile links.

Video remember timeline issues resolved.

User view switch issues.

Token issues on the xxx subdomain.

Thank you for reading. Definitely the best is yet to come.

Stay tuned!
Your BitTube Team.

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