BitTube weekly update — 27th of July.

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“A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it it’s not that good.”

This week we have been polishing UI improvements and implemented some community suggested features.

Smooth scroll implementation.

How fast is too fast? You could scroll as fast as possible and BitTube would load lightning fast video thumbnails. But what is Smooth Scroll exactly: it is the animated sliding effect when you roll the scroll wheel. Without it, the page jumps one or several lines at a time when scrolled. It’s a subtle effect, but it makes it easier to follow content as it moves and increases consistency across PCs and touch-based devices.

Major improvement on the player sync functionality.

When you hit the play button a lot of things are happening on the back end. The dev team gathers log data and makes adjustment so the videos play nicely.

New error message style.

Sometimes however when the connection is lost the video player displays an error message. We have designed a new one to kindly inform you what is going on.

Added Go To top button.

Scrolling to infinity, no problem just hit that right-sided button and you will jump to the top of the page.

Profile wallpaper background.

We have been kindly asked to make possible that the profile wallpaper can adopt any size of image without stretching or zooming it. We have pleased this request.

DigiGuardians partnership.

We have established a collaboration with an intellectual property protection agency to help us avoid piracy content on the platform.

What is next?

The Airtime rewards distribution model is on track for mid August. Next week, we will have an updated coin page ready with updated guides for the GUI wallet and mining. Additionally, a promotional ‘explainer’ video has been in production for the last month and will be ready to launch with the new coin page.

See you next week!

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