BitTube weekly update — 20th of July

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This week we would like to give out appreciation to all the community spreading the word and helping others to discover BitTube. We have reached another milestone passing 7k followers on Twitter.

The dev team is quite busy working on the Airtime model so it will be a quiet update. For the mining fans now the BitTube miner supports CUDA implementation.

  • BitTube Miner
  • Working CUDA Implementation for BitTube PoW v2.
  • All binaries compiled with microhttpd, ssl and hwloc support.
  • Linux version compiled on Ubuntu 17.10.

We got official support from xmr stack.

Native iOS wallet coming in 3 weeks.

Iphone owners will have the privilege to be the first ones to manage their TUBEs with a dedicated BitTube wallet app.

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Working on a new web page design.

We plan to add more comprehensive user manuals and guides.

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The new design aims to help newcomers get to know BitTube and its features.

For announcements and news only, we have created a new Telegram channel- Join Now, Stay Tuned

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