BitTube weekly update - 13th of July

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What a lovely summer in the middle of July for the BitTube team and the community. As always we have listened and adjusted a few things that our enthusiastic followers have suggested. A new feature of the platform will surprise you as well. We hope you like it.

Improvements of the GUI wallet

The new version fixes some bugs and made significant changes to how the wallet operates in the background.

On the Windows version, the miner will start only when you open the Mining tab in the wallet menu. In case you haven’t initiated mining activity, and you open another tab it will shut down automatically. To see for yourself, open up Task Manager and check the processes while switching in and out of the mining tab.

Almost instant synchronization. In this last release by default, the daemon tool will connect to a remote node enabling much faster sync with the blockchain. Only for specific purposes, there is an option to create a local node which will require downloading of the whole blockchain data. This facilitates easy-of-use for mainstream users, while power users can opt out.

Added NSFW (not safe for work) filter switch

With this update the NSFW filter will be ON by default. It will ensure even slightly inappropriate content will not be shown on the home page or search results. The filter disables all content under the ‘Adult’ (non-porn) category. Users can find the switch under the “Security” tab on their profile page.

YouTube Embedded search results

When searching for a category or with keywords in the BitTube dashboard after the native search results, a YouTube embedded videos will show up. They are marked with the YouTube badge.

Watch YouTube videos and still get TUBEs!

These embedded YouTube videos will play inside the BitTube player and will look just like native BitTube videos. We’ve just opened the door for much more content diversity and paved the way to mainstream adoption!

Once Airtime goes live next month, viewers will earn TUBEs by watching these videos just the same. Isn’t that great? Likewise, the original content creators will be earning the airtime revenue. More on that below.

What are the options for the YouTube publishers?

When an embedded video is being viewed, a unique user profile and wallet address is automatically generated with the YouTube channel’s name. This means every YouTube creator will be making money on BitTube, whether they know it or not. Subsequently, if a YouTuber want access to these funds, an ownership verification process must be performed and he or she must import the channel to BitTube. No personal data will be required or collected. The verification process will be done simply through the YouTube connector.

There is a catch, however. These YouTube-embedded videos will be earning 30% fewer airtime rewards compared to native BitTube videos. As it turns out, YouTube API fees are expensive, so a portion of the airtime revenue will go to alleviating these costs. The good news is, this will incentivize YouTubers to actually register and move their content over to BitTube, because they’ll be earning noticeably more that way.

Are you a YouTube creator?

If you are a YouTube creator, we would love to have you on board! You can easily copy all your videos in few clicks made possible with our YouTube connector. This allows you to have your content on both platforms and generate extra income on BitTube. We know many of you could use it.

On BitTube you are always monetized through a system called Airtime. To learn more about your potential earnings on BitTube, read this article.


  • Videos that have embedding functionality disabled on YouTube itself cannot be shown in the search results.
  • Embedded videos could show advertisements due to the YouTube terms of service policy.

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