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Play with 100k USD and win real prizes.

We are glad to invite you to the BitTube Top Trader competition, sign up here.

Cryptocurrency trading is tough. Maybe the first advice you will receive when starting in this venture is “invest only what you can afford to lose,” that’s not the case anymore. With you can get good at it without the risk.

At sign up, you will get 100k USD in play money which is pretty enough to experiment and get the lessons from your trades. The hybrid functionalities between a trading and a social platform make it the best place to learn from top traders that put their money where their mouth is. Learn the crypto jargon by example used in trades from the traders you follow. Join competitions to earn real prizes. The best part is that when you get experienced, you can start teaching others and get paid.

Currently, there are ten trading pairs to experiment with and so much to add to your learning curve. All these without the sleepless nights most of the newcomers to crypto investing have.

We invite you to the BitTube Top Trader competition. Sign up with the link below and get the unique BitTube supporter badge. Start playing with 100k USD and have fun.


1st place: $250 in the cryptocurrency of choice

2nd place: Nano Ledger S

3rd place: $100 in TUBE

Sign up now for the BitTube Top trader competition

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