Many people are still in a summer mood, especially here around our Canary office, but we are starting to focus on the upcoming months. Before that let’s recall what happened this summer.

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Surviving the crowd

Sounding far in the distance May proved to be the touchdown where we reached far beyond our goals maintaining some two million daily users during the World Cup. A truthful test for our P2P network handling such amounts of distributed content. Our dev’s data-driven improvements made possible almost 100% RTC savings revealing the real potential of BitTube.

Sunrise on Bittrex street

People screamed,“brothers and sisters, pump up the volume, pump up the volume.” So much desired by so many, here we are trading on Bittrex. It is a significant step in proving our legitimacy and building trust in the TUBE. Unfortunately, price doesn’t follow technological progress otherwise we go beyond the moon.

Going Mobile. Launching the iOS app and GUI wallet

The mobile app launched together with changes in the algorithm removing the media miner. The required processing power was reduced allowing videos to stream more fluent. The new implementation requires only 5 % of the CPU for playback, the same needed to display ads on other sites.

Creating a BitTube account comes with an automatically generated web wallet. In cases, you want to manage several wallet addresses we have developed the GUI offline wallet. Sending and receiving TUBEs is like a breeze.

Airtime activation

Undoubtedly the significant platform improvement was setting up the monetary ecosystem. From that point, BitTube’s rewards distribution begins to flourish the interaction between viewers and creators. We have built the transparency we need remaining a privacy coin for private use.

BitTube Pro membership

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A tool set for serious BitTubers. Pro members will be able to upload 4k resolution videos, publish premium content and more. The package comes included together with the BitTube Debit card for which we have recently opened pre-registration. The empowering features are planned for Q4 of 2018. Price for the subscription is not announced yet.

Last but not least

Along with the milestones mentioned above this summer BitTube partnered with official TV stations such as Gala TV and PMC Music, as well as the intellectual property agency DigiGuardians to prevent piracy. We were happy to share our first teaser with the community. We hope you share our enthusiasm with us and your friends.

Stay tuned!

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