BitTube genesis. Recap of 2018, the end of the start.

On an island somewhere in the Atlantic a small team of developers was working on a streaming service solution. At a party during a bustling discussion about the current streaming opportunities for gamers they saw a gap and have decided to launch a platform that will revolutionise how people broadcast their passion. This article follows their milestones that even they were not aware of from the beginning.

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At this time, a shift from centralized Internet services to decentralization was under way and the peer-to-peer network known as Interplanetary file system (IPFS) draw their attention. It offered the groundbreaking technology and one of the most efficient content delivery solutions. InterPlanetary BroadCast peer-to-peer video platform ( was launched later on. Users going live on the platform were required to install a sender software for live streaming. Uploads were hosted on the IPFS. At that time monetization ability was just an idea through web mining performed by the viewers.

31 January 2018

Start of the blockchain. First coin was mined.

Listing on Livecoin exchange.


Rebrand from IPBC to BitTube.


Listing on Bittrex exchange.

That month the blockchain forked away from CryptoNote to Monero source, a privacy focused cryptocurrency, with fast and secure transactions. Heavy customisations to the CryptoNight mining algorithm favoured GPUs over CPU and ASICs. This made the mining difficulty more predictable allowing low entry that benefits smaller miners. The new “algo” was named after the founder called Saber heavy CN with disabled hardware-based encryption. Until today no ASICs and FPGAs thread the BitTube network.


GUI version with integrated miner.


BitTube video platform Android app.


AirTime launch.

BitTube video platform iOS app.

Wallet app iOS.


Debit card pre-registration.

Before we announce the future Debit card we waited for our card provider approval and positive answer. The process is in development and all is going well.


Browser extension beta first preview.

Android wallet app.


Browser extension official launch.

Dec- AirTime launch on the web


Stay tuned,Your BitTube team

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