[Updated]BitTube Cash 4.0 is live

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2 min readJul 28, 2020



The BitTube blockchain is moving to a brand new Proof-of-Work. You can read all about the benefits and implications of this update here or the new dedicated site for the coin at bittube.cash

If you use the GUI wallet to store funds, check out this guide on how to manually convert your TUBEs from legacy (v3) to BitTube Cash 4.0 (tube4). This service will be maintained for 1 year (until 2021/7/29). The conversion on exchanges and extension wallets is automatic. Exchanges will begin using the newer Tube4 address for deposit shortly after the hardfork. As always, remember to double-check that any saved deposit addresses are still valid before sending coins to exchanges.

Exchanges differ in refund policy when it comes to sending coins to delisted wallet addresses, so it’s better to err on the safer side.

Moving to tube4 brings the following changes:

- Max supply reduction: 600 million (from 1 billion)
- Emission reduction: graph
- Faster block times: 15 seconds (from 120 seconds)
- Faster daemon synchronization and wallet scanning
- Mining: favors GPUs (unchanged), 6 to 8 GB memory recommended
- Proof-of-Work algorithm: Cuckaroo29b
- Initial Circulating Supply: 272 million
- Initial Block reward: 19 TUBEs
- Miner reward: 50% of block reward
- AirTime reward: 50% of block reward
- AirTime reward is distributed every 240 blocks (60 minutes)

We hope the transition will go smoothly for everyone. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our helpdesk on kb.bittube.app or drop by on Discord.

Let’s make this year count. Cheers!

The BitTube Team



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