Past, Present and Future

January — March

Extension post-launch.

April — June

Upgrades to the Airtime module.

July — September

All about BitTubers.

  • mobile improvements, NSFW functionality, dark theme, YouTube and twitch embedding,
  • UI/UX update, video view, playlist improvements, no character limit for paid members,
  • and ongoing performance optimizations to reduce loading times and CPU/memory usage.

October — now

Fare thee well, It’s BitTubers time.

We see your feedback!

Going into 2020 we’ll continue to improve BitTubers. The platform in its current state is admittedly bare bones and quite rough around the edges. We have a clear idea where we have to go with it (see the reddit sticky), nevertheless your feedback is very much appreciated. Notably, what we’re looking to prioritize are the relatively inexpensive additions that give tangible improvements in the user experience. Here are some of your suggestions (in no order of importance) that we’ll work into our roadmap going forward.

  • Add post scheduling
  • More publication types (e.g. unlisted, private)
  • Transcoding support
  • Detailed analytics and statistics
  • Manage multiple profiles from one account
  • Profile search function and categorization
  • More embedding support besides YouTube and Twitch
  • More account linking support besides YouTube
  • Personalized custom UI themes
  • Improved video player, e.g. playback speed and subtitles
  • Create quick links, for example
  • Improve membership pricing info and structure
  • Better vanilla experience for guest visitors
  • More donation options (e.g. patronage, superchats)
  • Allow direct fiat donations
  • Purchase your membership with TUBEs
  • More staking options and investment vehicles

The BitTube ecosystem

Finally, we should mention the BitTube ecosystem upgrades that we’ll be seeing next year. Newcomers won’t directly know that the BitTubers platform is part of a bigger picture. The ecosystem right now consists of multiple pillars: BitTubers, the Airtime extension and module, the BitTube Browser and the TUBE cryptocurrency.

Wrapping up

That’s it for now. We’ve undoubtedly brushed over some things in this article, but we tried to cover the subjects most pertinent to you as a user and customer. As always, let us know if you have any unanswered questions and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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