Bittrex exchange update

Dear community,

We are thrilled to let you know that Bittrex exchange has migrated $TUBE wallets to the latest version. All $TUBE balances held on the exchange are now compatible with GUI wallet v.4 and the BitTube browser extension wallet. Deposits, trading and withdrawals are operational. Please generate a new address before depositing funds.

In case you’ve missed it, one year ago the TUBE coin changed its algorithm to Cuckaroo 29b. This allowed to speed up transactions (10x) and adhere to healthy crypto standards. There was a coin swap required for exchanges and user-generated wallet addresses. Additionally, users who upgraded their AirTime account level via staking had to withdraw and swap the balances.

Currently, $TUBE is traded on three exchanges, namely Bittrex, TradeOgre and Graviex.

Feel free to join our Discord server for questions and support.

BitTube is member of the BPSAA. The Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA) serves to educate the public on privacy and security in blockchain. Members of BPSAA are driven by a common ethos: interoperability amongst all. We set the standard for blockchain collaboration and innovation.

The BitTube team



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