or the story of the IPBC rebrand

What was changed, added and removed by the main update

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If you look back in time and see how many of today’s social platforms begun, you will notice that none of them were in the “shape” as we know them now.

IPBC makes no exception. As the founder, MSc Saber Maram says: “We wanted first to build a working product”.

Once the first version of the platform went live we have started gathering new input and valuable feedback about it. This gave us the best possible ground to continue into the right direction. The top priority for IPBC is the usability of the Bit.Tube platform, therefore we needed an initial stage to test and polish all the features and to make sure to build the right base for further developments.

Sprinting through the possible options for the last three months, the rebranding decision didn´t come as a surprise. It is the natural continuation of our vision to establish a worldwide innovative platform which strives to cover all the ways how people create, share and enjoy online content.

Update or upgrade, call it as you wish

The usability of the new layout comes empowered with a customizer so our users can create their own visual working environment by using personalization themes. Everyone is special and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in front of their screens.

One of the most awaited and discussed new feature is the YouTube connector, with this tool, the export of the content of your YouTube channel onto Bit.Tube is just a click (or two) away.The reason why this feature is so important for us is the fact that the content creators or copyright holders own their production and they are completely entitled to show it how they want, where they want and to as much users they can reach. If you think about how exactly their videos are being valued on other platforms, you will see how creators earnings from their videos depend on the number of ads displayed before and during the video and this has nothing to do with quality. Now with Bit.Tube this it is about to change.

Another added feature from now on allows files to be uploaded from a mobile device. This makes it easier for the “quick” vlogger to add videos on the go.


From vivid discussions in our communication channels we have received valuable suggestions from our community. When people get to know IPBC they can not completely understand why it sounds so abstract. Actually is very straightforward, it is because the platform is based on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). We believe that holding on to our roots makes always sense on the long run. Who knows, when humankind sets a colony on Mars and they use Bit.Tube to broadcast to Earth, the IPBC name will be quite genuine.

Like the inventor of IPFS Juan Benet says: “design thins in planetary scale, and you will do very well on Earth”

Why it is better

The way Bit.Tube functions allow people to access information in a faster and safer way; as all the content is distributed, the platform will gather the information from the nearest sources possible and not necessarily from some remote server. This will affect people living in distant areas to connect as easily as people in the modern cities. This will improve how we use digital information. It makes the network more resilient, capable and powerful.


We have designed the platform to be as simple as possible, so anyone who can use YouTube can use Bit.Tube. You don’t really need to know anything about mining or cryptocurrencies in order to be part of this world. Mining is really just a one-click safe operation and it runs in the background after that.

And still the majority of people who hear for the first time that their computer will be used for mining are afraid. Some of them think that their laptop will make their electricity bill skyrocket or they will not be able to use their device to do other tasks while watching. All of the above is understandable, people are afraid of the unknown, so we have set as mission to help them better understand the way the new internet can work for them. We will have more power if we combine our computing resources, that’s why the internet is so important in the first place: it connects millions of computers.

No Ads, no interruption

Bit.Tube is an example of the real use of the latest technology that will benefit all outside of the consumerism that has been implemented by the continuous effort from advertisers and entities that own your “cookies”.

Grab the opportunity, step in, join Bit.Tube.

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