Announcing Premium storage

Today we’re announcing Premium storage options for These are paid plans to unlock more storage over the default instance quota of 50 GB.

We have reached a point in our development where we can finally start allocating more resources towards and other upcoming federated products (like We are introducing Premium storage options now for several reasons. This will be our first integrated paid service after upgrading to the much faster TUBE4 chain. It allows us to monitor and improve the payment process based on user feedback. It also allows us to gauge the demand for such a service early. We expect our federated user base to grow next year. This way we are able to track serious adoption by content creators who require the storage space.

Starting with a limited rollout, we have added a 250 GB and 1 TB plan. We are open to adjusting (within reason) the pricing and duration of these plans based on user feedback. We will consider adding higher tiers (e.g. 5 TB) if there is a demand for it.

You can upgrade to Premium storage under Account Settings → Storage Settings. In summary:

Payment is done in TUBEs with the click of a button. Make sure to be logged in to your extension or the AirTime module on the website.

A few things and quirks worth mentioning:

  • You can extend your expiry date to up to 12 months by doing multiple purchases one after the other. Sometimes you will need to wait 20–30 seconds between purchases to allow your account to update.
  • One week before your plan expires, the system will send you an email each day reminding you how many days are left and asking you to renew.
  • If you do not renew your storage plan, it will switch back to the Default 50 GB plan. If your usage surpasses this quota, the system will begin to remove up to 10 videos in your library per day until you are within your quota again. The system will send email notifications about which titles were removed.
  • You cannot upload new videos while your usage exceeds your total quota.
  • Pricing is currently shown in TUBEs, we will change this to USD soon. (Update 10/23: USD conversion is now live)
  • Lastly, we are still working hard on bringing back staking for TUBE4. We will consider special discount levels based on your staked amount once this becomes available.

That’s all for now. Let us know your thoughts on Discord!

The BitTube Team

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