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Following our Extension 2.0 release, we’ve been very happy with the community’s reception to our hard work. It’s now time for yet another update, probably the most game-changing release since launching AirTime back in August of last year.

The AirTime module

As you all know by now, the AirTime extensions enables you to monetize your time and the content you’re watching simultaneously. At BitTube, it is our goal to monetize the entire Internet with AirTime. We realize that a large part of that equation involves publishers with anonymous visitors (i.e. guests) who do not run the extension yet, that is, in the beginning publishers cannot solely rely on extension users for their income.

Introducing: the AirTime module. It’s the ultimate tool for publishers and creators to generate income without ads. With just three lines of code, the module is able to track guest session times and relays this to our servers. To do this fairly in relation to AirTime generated by extension users, the system weighs the AirTime by guests more strictly, such that ‘extension AirTime’ will always be more effective than ‘guest Airtime’.


Let your TUBEs work for you by boosting the revenue of publishers you support! In a future update we will be discussing staking mechanisms that are currently in development. Publishers will be able to boost their AirTime by staking a large amount of TUBEs, in which other users (and investors, typically) can take an active part, in return for a percentage of that publisher’s AirTime.

Registering your domain

Publishers can register as many domains as they want under the ‘Links’ menu. The system will generate a unique code tied to counting all session times from visitors. The sum of AirTime from guests and BitTube users then count for the overall generated AirTime.

Publishers are incentivized to ask their guests to install the extension: BitTube users not only generate substantially more revenue compared to guests, but are also able to donate and purchase goods and services from the publisher, adding real value to the overall economy.

Helping the module grow

The AirTime domain module unlocks a myriad of new possibilities in terms of how publishers can design and effectively monetize their content, while allowing us to introduce more unique selling points for guests to install the extension. One such possibility is adding paywall functionality for publishers, where certain pages or content (e.g. on news websites) can be accessed based on subscriptions, automatic micropayments or simply by the user’s AirTime from the extension. It enables us to build universal paywall access across the Internet. It’s a very ambitious goal, but entirely viable since all the building blocks are now in place.

Another big step is bringing AirTime to mobile devices. App developers will benefit greatly. Most users would rather pay for apps than be bothered by design-breaking in-app advertisements, but this is not always an option. AirTime solves this problem, enabling app developers to cut ads completely. AirTime micropayments won’t just benefit websites, but mobile apps, games, as well as e-sports betting and gambling domains, for example. The possibilities are endless.

To ad or not to ad

We’ve always promoted AirTime as a replacement for ads. This holds true in practice, but we also realize it is unrealistic to force publishers to swap one revenue stream (ads) to another (AirTime). Ultimately, we aim to integrate and complement the way people monetize their content. After careful consideration, we have therefore decided that publishers with the AirTime domain module are able to run ads alongside it. The reasoning is this: AirTime allows new publishers to increase their margins from visitors basically ‘for free’. The staking options, which we will announce later, will enable significant upgrade paths for publishers, increasing their income (and reliance) on AirTime revenue over time. Since there is also an active incentive to convert guests into BitTube extension users, in many cases AirTime can still eventually replace a publisher’s ads, but of their own volition.

Buy TUBEs with credit card or crypto

Credit card

In the extension, users have been able to buy TUBEs using bank transfers for some time. This process is often slow, however, so buying TUBEs with a credit card has been a long-awaited feature. We’re happy to say this is now a possibility. These are the limitations for credit card purchases:

  • Max two transaction per user/card a day.
  • Max four transactions per card a month.
  • No multiple attempts on declined cards.
  • Max amount of 1500 for the selected currency(USD,EUR, etc) per transaction.


One of the easiest and fastest way to get some TUBEs is paying with other cryptocurrency, of course! Currently you can choose between BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC. Transaction confirmation times vary per coin. Typically, you can expect your deposits to clear in an hour, just like depositing to a regular exchange.

Extend your personal TUBE finance

This year is full of exciting developments. Next quarter and beyond will enable you to reach anyone, anywhere, to exchange value with using your personal BitTube wallet.

Soon we will reveal tiptube.me, a service where you can create a personalized link for receiving payments. You will be able to send a payment request to any person whether he/she is a BitTube user or not. They can pay you in TUBE, other crypto or with credit card. You will receive the equivalent amount in your BitTube wallet with the lowest fees possible for payments.

How great is that? It allows the tech-savvy creator to reach out to their non-crypto-savvy audience for payments or (recurring) donations.

Finishing up

That’s it for this week’s update. With everything we covered today, we hope your vivid imaginations can hold you over until our next release.

Your BitTube Team

Originally published at blog.bittubeapp.com.

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