Airtime is out. And now what?

“Love is in the Air…time”

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Why we created Airtime

Today 13th of August the first Airtime payments have been sent. Feel free to check them out at the explorer. If you wonder how much I can earn on BitTube, the simple answer is that the model is very dynamic depending on the current number of active users. To clarify and give some examples we have published an article Before and after Airtime.

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Transparency matters. BitTube’s Top 10.

Not a chance for the clickbait

Smart Airtime

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The viewer’s watch time count.

It will take 90 minutes between the time the PoV is recorded and the final result (Confirmed or Rejected). Once it’s Confirmed, payment will be sent to your online wallet and be available after 10 network confirmations.

How “big” is your Airtime

Creators with a considerable amount of videos imported from YouTube can benefit the fresh start with monetizing the videos that have been demonetized and gain more exposure having their content on both platforms.

Professional filmmakers, media producers, and copyright holders

Jump on the marketing wagon

We dare everyone to become a bittuber and revolutionize how we enjoy videos on the internet.

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