Airtime is out. And now what?

“Love is in the Air…time”

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Why we created Airtime

A few months ago the new reward model was approved and put into development. A solution for a better incentivizing model had to be made. A way that didn’t evolve in-browser mining to overload the user’s device but at the same time count the consumed video duration. The new model had to incorporate the users’ wallets from two perspectives- the viewer and the owner of the video which has been watched. It is more complicated than that. Moreover, the system had to be transparent and once set, to maintain the rewards distribution decently.

Today 13th of August the first Airtime payments have been sent. Feel free to check them out at the explorer. If you wonder how much I can earn on BitTube, the simple answer is that the model is very dynamic depending on the current number of active users. To clarify and give some examples we have published an article Before and after Airtime.

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Transparency matters. BitTube’s Top 10.

Not a chance for the clickbait

Any views number counting system is prone to manipulations. Probably there are many ways to increase the number of views, but we can mention the most used one. Video creators that lack with quality use those methods. One of it is choosing a thumbnail that provokes our curiosity or any emotion which is a strong inner force we hardly can resist while browsing for something interesting to watch. Unfortunately, after clicking on them and waste our time we realize that even the image used as a thumbnail is not part of the actual footage and apparently the video has not the material we’ve expected. This is a way videos collect a considerable amount of views and kind of trick the system. Videos like this will have no chance with BitTube’s Airtime model. Just because the viewers will skip through such videos and no considerable Airtime will be gained.

Smart Airtime

Are you happy that you can earn double by getting rewarded for watching your own videos, not that easy pal? The system ignores any “self-airtime” so no rewards will be distributed for watching your own videos. Sorry.

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The viewer’s watch time count.

It will take 90 minutes between the time the PoV is recorded and the final result (Confirmed or Rejected). Once it’s Confirmed, payment will be sent to your online wallet and be available after 10 network confirmations.

How “big” is your Airtime

Newfound video creators have a fair start to develop their channel and build up an audience. Getting into establishing a successful BitTube channel requires creativity and persistence. Backed by the transparent conditions on the platform vloggers, streamers, and video makers can concentrate on what is essential for them to grow without doubting or fear for the monetization. Once their channel has grown, next step will be to become a BitTube Pro member to boost their productivity and make a living off their videos.

Creators with a considerable amount of videos imported from YouTube can benefit the fresh start with monetizing the videos that have been demonetized and gain more exposure having their content on both platforms.

Professional filmmakers, media producers, and copyright holders

One of our goals is to provide premium video services accessible and cost-effective for both consumers and publishers. BitTube Pro membership will open the doors for such market. Existing processes for protecting intellectual property is outdated and full of complicated “papers” which cost a fortune for the individual media producers. BitTube offers all the solutions a media company can desire. For example, if you have produced a short movie and you are not sure if it is going to return the costs without fearing piracy with the content protection feature you can have peace of mind that there will be no leakage. Content protected videos are safe from downloading. Later on when the same video gets popular and brings you some profit on BitTube feel free to pay for its copyright service and publish it on other platforms. We hope that will not be necessary as you will be quite happy here.

Jump on the marketing wagon

We are just starting, and all early adopters will benefit from the upcoming marketing campaigns. By getting on BitTube as early as possible, you will become visible to the thousands of people visiting the page for the first time. Therefore you as a video publisher will get subscribers ready to engage and follow your content.

We dare everyone to become a bittuber and revolutionize how we enjoy videos on the internet.

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