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Manage custom Premium Storage plans for your own instance.

We have released an update to BitTubeVid. It includes the ability to create your own Premium Storage plans announced recently.

Get the update here:

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BitTubeVid is the underlying codebase for It’s an open-source repository based on the federated PeerTube project. By hosting your own instance, you can set your own rules and guidelines (or lack thereof). The natural benefits of decentralization in this way is self-evident. Of course, it follows that you bear responsibility for hosting your instance’s video content. This update allows you to define Premium Storage plans to try to offset cost, where users can pay a fee for additional storage. …

Today we’re announcing Premium storage options for These are paid plans to unlock more storage over the default instance quota of 50 GB.

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We have reached a point in our development where we can finally start allocating more resources towards and other upcoming federated products (like We are introducing Premium storage options now for several reasons. This will be our first integrated paid service after upgrading to the much faster TUBE4 chain. It allows us to monitor and improve the payment process based on user feedback. It also allows us to gauge the demand for such a service early. We expect our federated user base to grow next year. …

Dear Community,

Sadly, today the platform was suspended by Google. We suspect that this happened due to a frivolous takedown request of a user’s post by a foreign government, which we did not follow up on. The suspension was without notice, likely automated and done without review.

We are currently appealing the suspension, but we don’t know how long this process will take. Meanwhile, we are redirecting to

Once again this proves the urgent need for actually decentralized solutions. While has been cloud based as a stopgap, our platform is peer-to-peer, powered by ActivityPub and WebTorrent and is using our very own AirTime plugin.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Update 3 Sep: is back online. We are taking measures to ensure this won't happen again.


The BitTube Team


The BitTube blockchain is moving to a brand new Proof-of-Work. You can read all about the benefits and implications of this update here or the new dedicated site for the coin at

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If you use the GUI wallet to store funds, check out this guide on how to manually convert your TUBEs from legacy (v3) to BitTube Cash 4.0 (tube4). This service will be maintained for 1 year (until 2021/7/29). The conversion on exchanges and extension wallets is automatic. Exchanges will begin using the newer Tube4 address for deposit shortly after the hardfork. …

Upcoming hardfork and new algo

We are happy to announce that the BitTube blockchain is moving from CryptoNight to the new Cuckoo Cycle proof-of-work. We have been working on this development for over 6 months. In this article, we want to address some technicals, motivations and what this means for you, the end-user.

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On July 29th, TUBE will change its proof-of-work to Cuckoo Cycle. This is not a simple hardfork. The process involves terminating the legacy coin emission and swapping all balances to a brand new blockchain.

How this swap occurs depends on where your coins are stored. We have good news: exchange wallets and those connected to the BitTube browser extension will convert automatically. For coins held in desktop wallets, however, a special conversion service will be maintained for a year (until 2021/07/29) to provide users the ability to convert their TUBEs in a reasonable time frame. Note that any unconverted coins beyond this date will be lost forever. …

No more compromises

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Hi everyone!

This is a short announcement that we will be migrating (mirroring) your videos from to soon. You don’t need to do anything. will stay operational, so don’t worry.

Things you need to know:

  • Accounts that are registered on both platforms will be merged. Your content will be copied to your library.
  • accounts not yet registered on will have a profile created for them and the content copied over.
  • The migration applies to video posts only.
  • During this process, you may see your content appears on in batches of five.

Once completed, we will send an email detailing how to login to your new …

Dear BitTubers!

The BitTube blockchain will undergo some upgrades. The chain will be hard forked for improved transaction efficiency and other benefits. Additionally, this upgrade comes with several wallet fixes and improved functionality.

This hard fork is still based on the current CryptoNight hashing algorithm CN Saber. In several months we are looking forward to upgrade to the Cuckoo/Cuckeroo algorithm found in cryptocurrencies like Grin. This change will then speed up confirmation times by an order of magnitude.

Update 6th of Apr: The hardfork will happen around 27th of April at 58700 block height.

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What’s new?

Below are some noteworthy improvements that might be interesting to some of our users. …

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Welcome to 2020, fellow BitTubers!

To start the year off, we’re announcing that the domain is moving to and is moving to

These rebrands are set to finalize on January 31st.

Some of you might have noticed already that now redirects to The official launch will be later this month, since we need some time to update our documentation.

Why the rebrand and why now?

The year 2020, as the number suggests, marks a new decade of clear vision. We wanted better brand consistency and we’re happy to say we’ve managed to reach a decision. The upcoming change to and …

Past, Present and Future

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In the spirit of Rewind 2019, we’d like to close out this year by recapping what we’ve accomplished this year. Next, we’ll discuss the current state of BitTubers and what you can expect in 2020. Here we go!

January — March

Extension post-launch.

The first quarter of 2019 marked two consecutive hard forks which updated the AirTime distribution structure, reduced the payout window, allocated a 5% block reward fund for future community tasks and updated the GUI wallet. Next, after some ground work in the months prior, we started the development of the new BitTubers platform. …

Update, November 30

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Hi again!

While everyone is eagerly awaiting the next big update, let us recap the last few change logs. They address bug fixes mainly around the rough edges. The improvements might be of interest to you, so without further ado, here we go:

Release Version: B0.1 Revision: 0.023 (November 21th 2019)

  • Added new languages to site: Danish, Persian, Portuguese, Serbian and Swedish.
  • The translation files are open for community input in
  • Enhanced moderator functionality in mobile version.
  • Several Layout tweaks adjusting to language translations generated sizing issues (specially in mobile version).
  • Enhanced mobile layout functionality in chats.
  • Enhanced mobile posts loading while swiping.
  • Continued reviewing and fixing all translation texts (ongoing). …

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